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城市的春天该是什么模样?看着窗外的明媚眼光,好久没有在户外徜徉。不少企业已经复工,但大家都紧绷着一根弦,“对面相识不相言”,线上会议成了首选。专业人士线上会议前,会习惯列出预期要讲的”Bullet Points”,并提前预想可能会遇到的提问。

如果是 Audio Conference Call, 当你不发言的时候,记得按”Mute”键,这样显得更专业;如果是Video Conference Call,须保持职场仪态,认真倾听,适当点头,显示你有认真参与其中。


Getting Started 开启会议  Shall we begin? OK, let's get started. Good afternoon Jon, good afternoon Pete. Shall we start?

Checking Clarity and Connection 检查清晰度和连接  Can everyone hear me? Is everyone there?

Opening and stating objectives 切入正题  The purpose of today's call is ... The question we have to discuss today is ... Let's move to the first item on the agenda... The background to this is ...

Mirroring and clarifying 反馈&确认  Would you mind repeating what you just said? Sorry, I didn't catch that. Jeff, could you speak a bit more slowly? We can't see each other, so sometimes it's hard to catch everything.

When two or more people are talking at once 当两人同时发言  Let's talk one at a time, please. It sounds like Ken and Brian both have something to say. Ken, why don't we start with you? Let's be careful not to talk over one another.

Time management 时间管控  Good point, Sarah. But let's keep that for the next meeting. Frank and Bill, we need to move forward. Can you discuss that later? We've got some time constraint, so let's stay on topic, please.

Inviting Questions 征求问题  I think that covers everything. Does anyone have any questions on… Is everything we have covered clear? Does anyone need me to explain what we have decided again?

Arranging Follow-up Actions 安排后续工作 So John, can I leave it to you to arrange… Peter, would you mind looking into suitable venues? So we have agreed that Tania will book a venue for the 18th August and that Justin will…

Concluding and finishing up 结束&总结 I think it's time to wind up the discussion. We have reached agreement on the following points. We have a clearer view of the situation. We agree that the way forward is to ..

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