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-Thank you very much, Prof. Fawcett, for your very kind introduction. Mr. Chairman, Ladies and gentleman, Good morning! I consider it a great honor to be asked to speak about …on this session of our symposium.


-Ladies and gentleman. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to address such a distinguished audience.


-Mr. Chairman, thank you very much for your kind introduction. President, Distinguished colleagues, Ladies and gentleman, Good morning! Is my voice loud enough?



-I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have at the end of the presentation.


-Please can you save your questions till the end.


-there will be time at the end of the presentation to answer your questions-so please feel free to ask me anything then.




- Welcome to our company


- I am pleased to be able to welcome you to our company...


- I d like to thank you for coming.


- May I take this opportunity of thanking you for coming



- I m glad you could all get here...


- I m glad to see so many people here.


- It s GREat to be back here.


- Hello again everybody. Thank you for being on time/making the effort to come today.


- Welcome to X Part II.




- I am delighted/pleased/glad to have the opportunity to present/of making this presentation...


- I am grateful for the opportunity to present...


- I d like to thank you for inviting/asking me/giving me the chance to...




- the subject of my presentation is...


- I shall be speaking today about...


- Today we are here to talk about...Before we start, I d like you meet my team members...




- During the next ten minutes, I shall...


- I shall be speaking for about ten minutes...


- I know that time is short, so I intend to keep this brief


- I have a lot to cram in to the next ten minutes, so I d better make a start...




- I m going to be speaking about something that is vitally important to all of us.


- the next ten minutes will change your attitude to sales and marketing...


- By the end of this presentation you will know all there is to know about...


- there are five main aspects to this topic (...the first, ... the second, ...a third, ...another, ... the final)


- I will deal with these topics in chronological order...


- I m going to start with a general overview and then focus on this particular problem (...in general, ...more particularly).




-In conclusion, I d like to...


-I d like to finish by...


-Thank you for your attention...


-I am afraid that the clock is against us, so we had better stop here


-You have been a very attentive audience---thank you!




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