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     《Monitor Your Behavior》
I ve been reading research studies on self-monitoring for 20 years,and I ve conducted some myself.
      To be honest,I still don t fully understand why this technique works,but it does,and ermarkably well for most people.The fact is,if you monitor what you do,you ll probably do better.
       Weigh yourself regularly and you may well start to lose weight.Keep a record of what you eat and you ll probably start eating more wisely.
       Use gizmos.If you say"you know"too much,wear a golf counter on your weist,and press the button whenever you catch yourself saying"you know".
         I ll bet you say ir less frequenfly in just a few days.If a wrist Counter is embarrassing,then make a small tear in a piece of paper in your pocket each time you say"you know".The result is the same:you become more aware of what you re doing,and makes you perform better.
       If techniques like this sound silly,keep in mind that the power of self-monitoring has been deminstrated by a variety of research conducted over the last four decades.
        In a study I published in 1978 with claire goss,for example,we taught a disrupwive fifth grade boy to rate his own classroom ehavior twice a day.
        He simply checked off a score for himself,indicating how well-behaved he had been in the morning or afternoon.With his awareness increased,he stayed in his seat mor than usual,completed arrived more promptly at a swim pracyice when they given an atten dance sheet to record their arrival times.
        Working with emotionally disturbed children,sonya cart of southeastern Louisiana University and Rebecca Punzo,a new orleans teacher reported that self-monitoring improves academic performance in reading,mathe matics and spelling.
        Recent research even demonstraed that students will compose better sories given a simple checklist that includes elements of good writhing.
       Dozens of studies have similar results;all spurred by heightening our awareness of our behavior.


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