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     《The Word Looks Better From The Way Back》
       Recently,my hus band and I had the opportunity to do something good for two people who were comp;ete strangers to us.It made us feel so good to be able to do it that I thought I should share.
       We were traveling down to Mexico for thanksgiving week with our family.Since i travel a lot for work,we had enough frequent flier miles to upgrade our tickets to first class seays.As we were sitting in the very first two seats in the first row of first class waiting for the palne to depart,I overheard one of the flight attendants telling the others that there was a couple sitting in the back of the plane who had just been married the previons day and were headed off on their honeymoon,They had booked their flight months in and vance but,due to some schedule changes,had not been able to get seats together,no one else plane was willing to move and the bride was in tears.
       I turned to my husband and told him what I heard.We immediately agreed and i caked the flight attendant over to tell her that we would be happy to give up our seats for this couple.The flight arendant seemed shocked and amazed and said."Reahy?Are you sure?"We said,"Absolutely!"
       So,we moved to the back of the plane.I in a middle seat part way back and my has band,who is6 3",in the window seat of the lat row of the plane.
       The flight attendants were extremely grateful and look good care of us even though we were no longer sitting in first class,and we both made friends with the people sitting around us(whe,as it turns out,didn t know why the young woman was crying or that they were newlywedsl and had a great flight.I had to go back to the front of the plane to re trieve a forgontten item at one point during the flight and observed that the newlyweds were sitting very close together,happily sipping champagne.
       It really made my day and thanksgiving week to get off with such a wonderful start!


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