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699net必赢英文短文欣赏:《Never Stop Dreaming》



         Never Stop Dreaming  别停下梦想的脚步
         Leave the excess baggage of yesterday s mistakes and dare to ebter into an the to morrow.Leave yesterday to history and resolve to begin fresh each new day daring to make dreams become a reality.
        Dreams cannot be bought,sold,nor traded.Dreas are the part of us that no one else can claim right to posses.Dreams are what keep life full of passion and vitality!
        Do not allow others to define who we are or what our desires may be. When we allow others to define our boundaries,we become the limits others have imposed upon us.Our dreams are our own and belong to no one else.
       Never admit defeat toa a wasted life by forsaking your dreams!
       Life is sweetened by friendships we encounter along the highways that journey into our dreams.
       Dreams are complex and take years to accomplish,while holding onto the simplicity of a very youny child.
       Not just the successfully rich and famous have a right to their dreams.Chase after them as the wind!
       The very fact that you are reading these words at this moment is the accomplishment of a dream come true.Since early childhood,I hace had a dream to write for others to read what I have written,whether it is poetry or simple stories and ideas.I have not dreamed of fertune or fame,but only to be able to write in a manner that others can read and possibly make a difierence in their lives.
       People have a need to read.I have a need to create with words same as a musician creates music with instruments,or an artist painta his imaginations before our eyes.
       Please keep dreaming and never give up on yourself.


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