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699net必赢英文短文欣赏《Big Feet and big heart》

    《Big Feet and big heart》《大脚丫,大胸怀》
     It was an unseasonably hot day.Everybody it seemed was looking for some kind of refief,so an ice cream store was a natural place to stop.
     A little girl,clutching her money thghtly,entered the store.Before she could say a word,the store clerk sharply told her to get outside and read the sign on the door,and stay out until she put on some shoes.She left slowly,and a big man followed her out of the store.
       He wached as she stood iU front of the store and read the sign"No Bare Feet".Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she tumed and started to walk away.Just then the big man called her.Sitting down on the curb,he took off his size-12 shoes,he set them in front of the girl and said,"Here,you won t be able to walk in these,but if you sort of slide along,you can get your ice cream cone."
       Then he lifted the little gril uo and set her feet into the shoes."Take your time,"he said,"I get tired of moving them around,and it s good to sit here and eat my ice cream."
       The shining eyes of the lisle girl could not be missed as she syhuffled uo to the counter and ordered her ice cream cone.
       Fie was a big man,all right.Big beUy,big shoes,but most of all,he had a big heart.

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