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699net必赢英文短文欣赏《Don t Give Up》

      Don t Give Up     《不言放弃》
      If we would ever accomplish anything in life,let us not forget that we must persevere.If we would learn our lessons in school,we must be diligent and not give up whenever we come to anything difficule.
      如果让自己的人生有所成就,请不要忘记,我们必须坚持。如果我们希望学业有成,就必须勤奋努力,并且,不管何时,遇见怎样的困难,都永不放弃。We shall find many of our lessons very hard,but let us consider that the harder they are,the better they will do to us if we  will persevere and learn them thoroughly.
      But there are some among us who are ready to when they come to hard example in mathematics.and say,"I can t do this".Theynever will if they feel so."I can t"never does anything worthwhile;but"I;ll try"acconmphshes wonders.Let as remember that we shall meet with diffculties all through life.They are in the pathway of everone.If we will only try and keep trying,we shall be sure to conquer and overcome every difficulty we meet with.If we have a hard lesson today,let us strive to learn it well and then we shall be preared for a harder one tomorrow.And if we ;earn to master hard lessons in school,it will prepare us to overcome the hard things that we shall meet in life,when our school days are over.

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