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      I was back in just over five minutes, to find Lila,blue jeans rolled to her knees,wading in from the edge of the lake,with the goose cradled in her arms.
      I swung the flashlight to aid her path."Is it dead?"
      "No,I heard it moving a little,It was out in the reeds.I barely caught it."
      I shone the light on the bird and saw with dismay that her left wing was badly mauled,one leg was bleeding,and the left side of her head,where her eye should have been,was an oozing hold.
      "It doesn't look good,"I said gently."I think maybe we should destroy it,too."
      "No!"Lila was vehement."I'li take it to the vet."
      "He'll probably tell you the same thing.Put it out of its misery."
      "It'li never make it.Only one eye,A broken wing.A mangled leg.And if it does live,it will die of grief.They say that geese mate for life."
      "We can try to save it."
      Well,she proved me wrong.She drove the goose to the vet that night,alone,because I was too stubborn to give in and go with her.The vet agreed with me all right,but he yielded to Lila's persistence and did his best,and his best,and his best was enough.The goose lived-badly scarred and blind in on eye.and with a leg that would always limp,and a cast on her with,which healed,but wound up crooked.
      Lila fixed a bed for her one the verandah and for several days Gertie,as she named her,Barely moved.Lila tempted her with water and various grains,and even caught some minnows and a hog,but it was many days before she resumed eating."I think she's in mourning,"Lila agreed when the bird ignored everthing she offered.

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