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      They arrived in late April,with a flock of  Canada geese,settling down on the small lake which filled the glacier-carved hollow below our farmstead.We were used to occasional flocks sheltering there for a night or two each spring and fall.We were a little off the main fly past for geese,but a few flocks always came our way.We welcomed them,watched them and protected them in hunting season.Lila put out"No       Hunting"signs and spent an hour or so each summer repainting the words.
      But surprisingly,when this flock left after just one night,two geese remained.Other flocks passed overhead in the next few days,but they made no move to join them.
      "Perhaps one of them's injured,"I suggested.But we could see no evidence of that as we watched their short flights around the lake.
      "I think they just know a good thing when they see it,"Lila concluded,and I was forced to agree.
      The lake was small,almost circular,only about a quarter of a mile each way across,but it was well sheltered,surrounded by low hills on all sides,and with trees most of the way around.Our house,perched on the hill overlooking the lake's northeast corner,gave us a good vantage point.The kitchen windows looked onto the lake,as did the back door and small screened verandah where we enjoyed frequent evenings without the scourge of mosquitoes.


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