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      《To Test Your Wings》
      "We have to let him try it.Lila,"I urged my wife."Can't you see that?"
      "But how will he manageon his own?"
      "He'll manage."
      "He is blind."
      "I know it."
      Of course I knew it.I'm Andy's father,aren't I?But I also knew how much it hurt lila to say that,It was years before I heard her admit it."He's handicapped,"she told people."He has trouble seeing."Or,"His eyes aren't right.BUt we're hoping they'll improve."Never,"He's blind.He'll never be any better."Even though she knew it had been  told it over and over by all the doctirs,opometrists,neurologists and psychiatrists we had taken Andy to,during the early years,when we were still hoping.
      "Lila,"I tried again,"he's nineteen years old.He's clever.He's ambitious.He's ambitious.He's confident.He wants to try things on his own.We've given him what we can.We have to let him go.
      "But why does he have to choose a college halfwasy across the country?"
      "Because he wants to test his wings."
      "That's all very well,"she continued to pro tesr,"but he's not whole.How do we know he can fly on his own?"
      "I think he can,"I prodded gently."And we have to let him try.He'll come back sometimes."We were both silent for a while.Then,"Remember Gertie?"
      Gertie-gertie the goose.The summer of the goose,we called it,in later years.It was the third year of our marriage,before there was Andy to cancern us,or Jennifer,or Tom Jr,While we were still on the farm,brfore we rented it out and moved here to try to get more help and schooling for Andy.
      Actually there wwere two geese to begin with-Gerrue and her mate.But we naver did give him a name,because we only nemed Gertie after he was gone.


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