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       《The Road to Happiness》
       There are a great many people who have all the material conditions of happiness, health and a sufficient income,and who, nevertheless,are profoundly unhappy.Insuch cases it would seem as if the fault must lie with a wrong theory as to how to live.In one sense,we may sat that any that any theory as to how to live is wrong.We imagine ourselves more different from the animals than we are.Animals live on impulse,and are happy as long as external conditions are favorable.If you have a cat it will enjoy life if it has food and warmth and opportunities for an ccasional night on the titles.Your needs are more complex than those of your cat,but they still have their basis in instinct.In civilized societies,especially in English speaking societies,this is too apt to be forgotten.people propose to themselves some one paramount pbjective,and restrain all impulses that do not minister to it.A businessman may be so anxious to grow rich that to this end he sacrifices health and private affections.When at last he has become rich,no pleasure remains to him except harrving othe people by exhortaions to imitate his nnoble example.Many rich lades,although nature has not endowed them with any spontaneous pleasure in literature or art,decide to be thought cultured,and spend boring hours learning the right thing to say about fashionable new books that are written to give delight,not to afford oporyunities for dusty snobbism.


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