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       《A Trip to Paris》
       I had intended to take a trip to Paris since my brother went there to study.During the last summer vacation.I was fortunate enough to make my dream come true.I spent more than one month visiting several magnificent museums and famous architectural sites.What's more,I got acquaited with a Frenchman,Olivier,who shared an apartment with my brother.
       Unlike what I imagined Frenchmen to be,Olivier wasn't arrogant in the least.On the contrary,he was so easygoing and friendly that e volunteered to be our guide.I remember one day he took us to a chic cafe and told us that the cup which he was holding was the very same that Picasso had used.Even though we communicated in simple English,I never felt boored being with him.It was Olivier who made my memories of Paris so cicid and unforgettable.


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