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       I cross a small creek.Bending down,I shovel the snow off the surface and tap the ice with my mittened hand,imagining a painted turtle somewhere beneath it hearing the thud as it waits patiently for spring.
       Somewhere in these woods,too,are the hibernating black bears.Each fall,black bears go on a feeding frenzy.They consume up to20000 calories a day.adding 30percent to their body weight.With the first snow,they den-deep in hollow logs,caves,shallow holes lined with grass.Sometimes they den up to 90 feet high in the briken-off trunks of ancients trees.Their heart rats drop to ten beats a minute,and they settle in for four to six months.
       The bear's utter faith in return of spring keeps coming to my mind.Standing here on the thin edge,a few degrees from a climate unsuitable for life,it is comforting to know that under the snow,bears are sleeping with an innocent belief that the sun will come again and unlock the rivers and make the flowers bloom.
       Just as I start to turn back home I hear it:the soft,two-toned whistle of chickadees.As I search for them,I see a downy woodpecker spiraling up a birch tree,its blaze of red as sharp as a tongue pf flame.On the ground,I notive rabbit tracks where moments ago I had seen only unbroken snow.
       These slight signs of life make it possible to believe in spring again.They help me appreciate the beauty of what is left of winter and  remind me that the cold won't last forever.Each trach,each snippet of bird song,each frozen seedpod,is an affirmation of life,a defiance to the cold,a promise.
       Take heart,they seem to say.Spring is coming soon.


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