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       《Standing at the Top of the Mountain》
       Whenever the sun dropped and the blue sky came up,my father and I used to climb the mountain near my house.Walking together,my father and I used to have a lot of conversations through which I learned lessons from his experiences.He always stressed to me,"you should have objectives and capacity like the mountain."
       This has largely influenced my life.Without the mountainclimbing that we both enjoyed,we couldn't have had enough time to spend together because my father was very busy.I believe mountaineering is really beneficial.It gave me time to talk with my father and to be in deep contemplation as well as develop my patience.I loved scaling mountains to get away from the noise and pollution of the city and breathe the fresh air.
       One time we climbed a very high mountain.It was so challenging for me because I was only ten years olf.During the first few hours of climbing,I enjooyed the fresh air,the birds singing,and the beautiful dances of butterflies;but as time passed,I got a pain in both of my legs.At that moment,I wannted to quit climbing.Actually,I hated it at that moment,but my father said to me,"Spring is a season when everything come to life again.The mountain adn fields where we standing are embroidered with flowers and trees.You can always see a beautiful sky at the top of the mountain,but you can't see it before you reach the top.You can always enjoy the scenes of many waterfalls and countless peaks and velleys at the top of the mountain,but you can't when you are halfway up.Only there at the top can you embrace all of those things,just like in life."
       At that time,I was too young to understand his thoughts,but after that,I got new hope and confidence.Finally,I found myself standing at the top pf the mountain.And there,I could see the whole of sky,which was as clear as crystal.


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