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        《The master of Your Own Strength》
        One day,a very telented swordsmen traveled to a mountain.There he saw a tremendotrsly sleep cliff and below it there was a very strong river flowing.In front of his eyes was a wooden old bridge that could only be pessed by one person at a time.It seemed like the old tridge was the only way to get across,so he stepped forward.
        When his left foot stepped on it,looking down at the very sleep coft and the river beneath the bridge,he started to feet dirry.His heart was beatinng fast,and even his whole body started trembling.He could no longer move his right foot ahead."The slightest carelessness can send me to a terrible death,"he thought to himself.
        He stepped back,no longer having the courage to move ahead.After a while,he saw a blind man walking alowly crossing the river with a walking stick.Without any fear,the blind man managed to get across.
        Seeing that,the swordsman realized."Because I see,I am overwhelmed with fear.If I close my eyes,I shall be able to get across as well."So he started to walk across the river blindfulded.When he reached the other side of the bridge,he realized the essence of sword mastery:If you gave nothing to fear,you can be the master of your own strength.
        He trained hard besed on the insight he had ,and had become an invineible sword master.His swordplay also came to be called the "Eyeless Sword".


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