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        “我很快就能成功走出这片沙漠了。”他高兴地想着。但是,沙漠从来不会找个旅行者。他这个念头还没来得及消失,铺天盖地的沙暴就朝他扑来。他  赶紧用衣服蒙住头,伏在地上。大约过了十几分钟,沙暴才过去。他抖抖衣服站起来时,发现了让人绝望的事儿:装有食物和水的背包被沙暴卷走了。
        《The Source of Courage》
         He walked across the vast desert,planning to walk through it with one month.20 more days passed,the journey had been so smooth and it seemed that he had enough food and water.
         "Soon I'll able to walk out of this desert,"he though gladly.But the desert never cared for travelers.Brfore this idea could disappear,the  sandstorm had overwhelmed him.His hurriedly covered his head with the clothes,prostrate on the sand.After about ten minutes,the  sandstorm went on.When he shook the clothes and stood up,he found a despairing thing:the backpack equipped with food and water was  swept away by the sandstorm.
        Now,he only had a pear left.He hel it in his hands tightly"Oh,not too bad,at least I have a pear,"he thought to himself,determined to walk out of the desert.
        One day and one night passed quickly,the desert still looked boundless,and hunger,thirest,exhaustion and fear of death haunted him like a devil.However,each time on the brink of collapsing,he forced himself to stare at the pear he that he had been keeping:"Not too bad,at least I have a prar."
        A small pear became the hope for his survival and the source of his courage.3 days later,wehn he saw the village not far away,he collapsed to the ground,but after all,he walked out of the desert and survived as well.


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