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        当情绪低落,或难以忘却那些令自己失望的时刻时,我们需要某种情感或智力的支撑。通常我们沮丧的时候,我们会向最亲密的朋友或最亲爱的家人倾诉,以减轻我们的压力。在那时候,我们克服了情绪的不安和焦虑 ,因为有了为我们打气的观众。我们迅速地恢复了活力,因为我们内心深处告诉我们,处理好一切,把那些烦恼都放在记忆深处吧!
        《listen to Your Lnner Voice》
        Very much,ever since you were brought into this world.When you couldn t open your mouch till the first two years on planet earth,inner voice is one through which you interpreted and understood things.
        Inner voice is the voice mouth of the subconscious mind.The subconscious mind is always acting as a secondary refkector of thoughts and ideas in the body.It justfies and rationalizes what is right and what is wrong.When we go against what the inner voice says we get a guilty conscious and are bothered by it throughout our lives.
        At times when we are feeling low or those unfirgettavble moments when we are let down.We usually speak to our closest pal or our dearest family member during times of distress to ease the burden.At such times we get over the initial drizzle of emotional anxiety and mental restlessness,because of the pepping up by our empathic listener.We suddenly feel rejuvenated because our inner coive alerts us to get on withe things and leave the things of past on the memory books of our brain.
        The inner voice is always right mosy of the times because it knows us better than others and probaly even ourselves.It is the dare devil child of the tintutions which we have been having since chilhe of the intuitions which we have been having since childhood.It s good to go by intuitions most the thmes because it s the reponse procided due to the synchronism between our mental and physical being.
        Whenever you are trying you first cigarette,or whenever you are asked to take sides in an argument,you are always in a sense of dilemma.During these times your inner voice automatically gives its verdict.which when pverrtten,might leave us unhappy in the future.It s up to us to either ignore the morale booster inside us or go out tothe woeld and search for spirtual guru s and happiness,when all these things are very much present within us.


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