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        《The Servant s Ruse》
        A man was expecting a visit from an acquaintane.He gave two ripe mangoes to his servant and asked him to slice them and serve the fruit when the man came.
        The servant gave in to temptation and are a lice.It was so sweet he could not resist eating another one.Then the madness of gluttony seized him and he devoured all the remaining pieces.
        Suddenly he saw the man his master was expecting coming twoards the house.He thought fast.e grabbed a rusty knife and rushing to his master told him that he couldn t cut the mangoes as the knife was blunt.
        "I ll sharpen it,"said his master and going to a stone in the garden began to rub the cutting cdge of the knife against it.
        Leacing him to the task the servant ran out to meet the man who was coming.
        "Beware!Beware!"he siad when he reached him."Don t come to our house.My master has gone mad.He s planning to cut both your cars."
        "Cut my cars!"exclaimed the man.turning pale."Why?"
        "There he is sharpening the knnife,"said the servant.The man saw that his host did indeed have a knife in his hands and was sharpening it with what looked to him like a maniacal.He did not wait to find out why his host wanted his cars.He turned around and started running away as fast as he could.
        The servant rushed back to his master and told him that the man he had invited was running away with the mangoes.
        "What!"said his master."The greedy fellow!Has he taken both mangoes?"
        "Yes,"said the servant.
        The man ran after the acquaintance shouting:
        "Give me one!Give me one at least!"
        The other man thought he was asking for one of his cars and ran for his life!


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