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《adversity to victory》
The following is a true story about a young friend who lives in St.Louis.
Andy was born with a developmental disorder.The two sides of his brain were not joined normally with each other,The right side of his body could not communicate with the left.At age three,it was difficult for him to walk,speak,and play.He could only echo back a few words.and walk slowly while someone held each of his hands.
Then came the struggles.He attended an all-day center where he was enrolled in every imaginable therapy.He struggled,sometimes in tears,to get stronger.Andy hated it when his parents would leave him there in the mornings.However,they believed--against all odds--that he would grow up to live a normal healthy life.They beliebed it foe themselves,and for Andy.It paid off.Today andy is a successful 13--year--oldhigh school student.His progress has been nothing short of phenomenal.He receives special help with a few things,but joins with his friends in all the activities he loves.Andy overcame enormous odds to move from adversity to victory.
Ask yourself:"What are the seeds of strength hidden in my struggles today?If I get back uo when I fall,what will that make possoble tomorrow?"
"Overnight success"is the result of years of tenacity and continued learning.Vivtory is possible for those who decide it s their most compelling option.They ll find the path to theur dream.However,They will accept adversities as universities that will foster strength,growth,and skills to attract the victory they seek.


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