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《The tortuous path of youth》
When I arrive and stand at the turning to youth,a small path comes into view off and on as if beckoning me .
Mother steps in my way paeading,"Don t take the path,it s formidable."
I don t believe.
"I ve traversed it.No reason not to believe me."
"I don t want you to go such a tortuous way."
"But I like the experience.I m not afraid."
Mother looks at me sadly and sighs,"All right.Go if you stubbrn child,the path is rough going.Do take care all the way."
When I m on my way I find mother s right.The road is rough and tortuos.Sometimes I come to  dead end,somethines I take a wrong turn.I tumble or even fall heaong and have my head covered with bumps and bruises.Still I keep on going and eventually I pass it.
I sit down to get my breath back.At this time I see a girl,Very young,standing at the turing where I used to do and ready to go.I cannot help shouthing,"No,you must not take that path."But she shows distrust.
"My mother passed it,so did I."
"As both of you ve done so,why shouldn t I?"
"i don t want you to go the same tortuous way."
"But I don t mind"
I look at her and look back at myself,smiling,"Then take good care all the way."
I feel deep grateful to her for she reminds me of mt youth gone.I m now a hasbeen that can tell what to do or not to.I ve already played such a role,with the obsession of advising against doing the same one did before.
On one s life s journey there s path one has to take---the torthous path of youth.Without stumbling,bumping,or even beling badly batterd,how can one grow and become as solid and strong as iron and steel?


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