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       《Change strategy》
       The reason why many people fail, because they always want to use their behavior to replace the bad habit.
       More than one person told me, they want to eat healthy food, but do not want to give up tasty food. They should think about what they can eat, and what not to eat. Fruit juice with mineral water is an excellent substitute for high calorie soft drinks; whole wheat and fried fruit dessert no less than.
       It s not easy to break an old habit. On the seminar, a fat woman came up to me and said: "I can not control diet, lack of self-discipline, the room is always at sixes and sevens, feel like a slob." I told her, she wasn t totally undisciplined. "You took part in the meeting, each stage has arrived in time, and you are neatly dressed." She smiled, and then I added: "you don t lose weight or not clean up my room, there may be other reasons."
       Later, I found that she really has which it would be awkward to disclose. She was widowed a year ago. Her husband was an alcoholic, married for 24 years, he often abused her. She never thought of, a poor self image so she can not effectively change the status quo. Aware of this, she began to seek professional advice, take measures to give life to inject some discipline. At the same time, some of her friends to her house and help her clean up, which makes her more determined to change the bad habits of the determination.



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