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Dangerous times call for dangerous women!

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TED:《Dangerous times call for dangerous women!》

By Pat Mitchell

Recently, I've been declaring to anyone who would listen that I am a dangerous woman.

最近, 我向每一个愿意听我说话的人宣称, 我是个 “危险” 的女人。

Now, declaring that boldly like this still feels a bit dangerous, but it also feels right. At this time in my life, about to be 77, I love when you're applauded for your age, but I'll take it.

像这样大胆地宣称, 我还是会感到有点儿忐忑, 但是我觉得这是正确的。 在此时此刻, 我的人生即将步入 77 岁之际,我喜欢因为年龄而得到掌声,不过我乐意收下。

About to be 77, I realize that I have nothing left to prove, less to lose, and I'm more impatient about everything. The true, slow pace towards equality, the rise in sexism, racism, violence against women and girls ... And I'm angry, too, at the climate deniers who are stealing the future from our children and grandchildren. Friends, we are living in dangerous times. And such times call for all of us to be more dangerous.

快要 77 岁了,让我意识到 我已经不用再证明什么,更没有什么可以失去, 而且对一切也更没有耐心了。 迈向平等的速度真是缓慢, 出现了性别主义、种族主义, 对妇女及女孩们的暴力…… 我也很生气, 对于那些否认气候变化的人, 他们偷走了我们子孙的未来。 朋友们,我们正生活在一个危险的时代, 这样的时代召唤 我们成为更“危险”的人。

Now, what do I mean by this? I don't mean being feared. It's not that kind of dangerous. But I do mean being more fearless. I mean speaking the truth when silence is a lot safer. I mean speaking up in rooms for those who aren't present, especially those rooms where decisions are made about our lives and our bodies. We need to be in those rooms, showing up for one another, challenging the cultural construct that encourages us, especially women and girls, to compete, compare, criticize. We have to end this. And speaking out against the policies and the politics that divide us and diminish our collective power as a global community of women, and the men and the allies who stand with us.

我这样说是什么意思呢? 我不是指要变得令人恐惧, 我不是指那种危险, 我是指要更加无所畏惧。 我指的是,当保持沉默更安全的时候, 却还是敢说真话。 我指的是为那些不在现场的人发声, 特别是在那些会 对我们的生活和人身 做出重要决定的会议室中。 我们需要出现在这些地方, 为彼此现身, 去挑战那些文化传统, 特别是那些鼓励我们, 尤其是女人和女孩子们 彼此间竞争、攀比、 批判的文化传统。 我们必须终结这种事。 此外,还要大声疾呼, 反对那些会分化我们, 并削弱我们全球妇女团体 与男性支持者和盟友们 集体力量的 政策与政治。

What a change this represents. We are rewiring taking all that we know and have done,and that is a lot to redefine what age looks like, can do, can accomplish. But becoming dangerous isn't about becoming a certain age, because at each end of the age spectrum, brave women and girls are stepping up, taking the risk to create change.

这代表了多大的改变啊!用我们懂得的,做过的一切—— 那可是多年积累的大量经验—— 来重新定义这个年龄的风采, 重新定义这个年龄 能做什么,能实现什么。 不过,并不用等到特定的年龄 才能变得“危险”。 因为在每一个年龄段 都有勇敢的女人和女孩们站出来, 冒险去创造改变。

I became a risk-taker early in my life's journey. I had to, or have my life defined by the limitations for a girl growing up in the rural South, with no money, no connections, no influence. But what wasn't limited was my curiosity about the world beyond my small town, beyond the small minds of a still-segregated South, a world that I glimpsed in the newsreels at the one movie theater in town, and a world that got a lot closer to me when I met Miss Shirley Rountree, my eighth-grade English teacher.

我在人生早年就已经 成为了一个冒险者, 我必须那么做, 否则我的人生就 只能被各种限制所定义—— 从小在南部的乡村长大, 没有钱,没有关系网, 没有影响力。 但没有受限的是我的好奇心, 好奇小镇外面的世界, 那个南方仍有种族隔离 思想的小镇外的世界。 那个我在小镇唯一的电影院中 所播放的影片里看到的世界。 当我遇到八年级英文老师 雪莉·伦特里(Shirley Rountree), 这个世界离我更近了。

From the minute she walked into the classroom, her high heels clicking, she was a woman in charge, with perfect hair, signature red lips, colorfully coordinated, head to toe. I wanted to be her. Gratefully, she became my first mentor and helped me become me.

她走进教室的那一刻, 她的高跟鞋蹬蹬作响, 她是掌权的女性, 有着完美的头发,招牌的红唇, 从头到脚的颜色都是那么协调。 我想要成为她。 我很庆幸她成为了我第一位导师, 帮助我塑造了我自己。

With her support, I got a scholarship to college -- the first in my family -- and landed at a big state university, right in the middle of two great social justice movements: civil rights for African Americans and equal rights for women. I joined both with enthusiasm, only to discover that my newfound activism and my fermenting feminism would often be in direct conflict with my deeply embedded need to please and be popular.

在她的支持下, 我获得了大学的奖学金—— 我们家第一个获此殊荣的人—— 并进入了一个大型州立大学, 当时正值两次伟大的 社会正义运动如火如荼的时期: 非裔美国人民权运动 和妇女平权运动。 我充满激情参与了两次运动, 却发现我新找到的行为主义, 和正在酝酿的女权主义, 通常会和我内心深处想要 取悦他人、受人欢迎的需求 产生直接的冲突。

In my first job as a college teacher, I broke the rules, and I encouraged students to join me in the protest marches. And when I found out that my male colleague with the same experience and education was being paid more than me, I mounted a personal protest. When my raise was denied, with the excuse that he had a family to support, so did I as a single mom. But I dropped my protest to keep my job.

而我的第一份工作是 大学老师,我打破常规, 鼓励学生和我一起参加示威游行。 而当我发现我的男性同事 拥有和我一样的资质和教育背景, 但是薪水却比我高, 我个人提出了抗议。 当我的诉求遭到否决, 理由是他需要养家, 可我作为一个单身母亲也需要养家。 但是我为了保住工作放弃了抗议。

As an activist, advocate, feminist and as a newly declared dangerous woman, I'm caring less what others say and saying more clearly what I think and feel. And let me be clear: I acknowledge my privilege in being able to do that, to speak my truth. And to stand here today with this opportunity to talk to you about women and power -- note I did not say "empowered." I don't think we're waiting to be empowered. I think we have power.

作为一名活动家, 倡导者,女性主义者, 以及新宣称的“危险女人”, 我越来越不在乎别人怎么说, 但我会把自己的想法和感受 表达得越来越清楚。 解释一下: 我承认我有特权允许我这么做, 去说真话。 而今天我有机会 站在这里, 与大家谈论女性和权力—— 请注意,我没有说“被赋权”, 我认为我们不需要等着被赋予权力, 我认为我们本身就有权力。

What we need are more opportunities to claim it, to use it, to share it.

我们需要更多的机会, 来主张它、使用它, 分享它。

And as an activist, I've traveled to places where it's dangerous to be born a woman, like eastern Congo, where a war is being waged on the bodies of women. There, at a healing and leadership center called City of Joy, brave Congolese women are transforming pain into power by training survivors of sexual assault to return to their villages as leaders. And at recent climate summits, I've observed women climate leaders working behinds the scenes, out of the public spotlight, making sure that the negotiations toward global climate agreement continue to move forward.

作为一名社会活动家,我去过很多地方。 其中,有生为女性就很危险的地方, 比如东刚果, 那里进行的是一场 针对女性身体的战争。 有一个叫“喜悦之城”的 疗愈和领导力培养中心, 在那里,勇敢的刚果女性 化伤痛为力量, 她们培训在性侵中幸存的女性, 帮她们回到自己村庄, 并成为领导者。 在最近的气候峰会上, 我发现了在幕后工作的 女性气候领袖们, 她们在媒体聚光灯之外, 确保关于全球气候协定的谈判得以继续推进。

And along the way, we need to take better care of ourselves, and here, I am not the best role model. I don't meditate. I don't exercise regularly. But I do live aerobically.

在这一路上, 我们需要更好地照顾自己, 而在这一点上, 我并不是最好的榜样。 我不做冥想。 我不经常做运动。 不过,我过的却是有氧生活。

Because I believe we can't be dangerous from the sidelines, and there's just too much to be done.

因为我相信袖手旁观, 无动于衷无法让我们 变得“危险”, 而且我们有太多事情要去完成。

So let's use all our power. How about the power of money? Let's allocate more of our philanthropic dollars, our campaign donations, our investment funds, to increase economic and political equity. And let's leverage the power of media and technology that we have in our hands, quite literally, to elevate each other's stories and ideas; to practice civility; to seek the truth, which is diminishing and is threatening free and open societies.

所以让我们动员全部力量, 金钱的力量怎么样? 让我们分享更多的善款, 我们的活动宣传捐赠, 我们的投资基金, 来增加经济和政治上的平等, 让我们发挥手中 媒体和科技的力量 来支持和提升彼此的故事和想法; 待人以礼, 寻找消失的, 威胁到 自由且开放的社会的真相。

Yes, we have all that we need to move our communities forward. And the best thing we have, and what we must remember, is to be there for each other. We will move forward together, willing now to take more risk, to be more fearless, to speak up, speak out and show up for one another.

是的,我们已拥有所有 让社会进步的资本。 我们拥有的最好的东西, 同时也是我们必须铭记的, 就是为彼此提供支持。 我们要一起向前, 勇于承担风险, 变得更加无所畏惧, 站在彼此的身边, 为彼此的权益 去发声,去呐喊。

George Bernard Shaw once wrote that he believed in his opinion that his life belonged to the community, that the harder he worked, the more he lived and that he wanted to be thoroughly used up when he died. He went on to write, "Life is no brief candle to me but a splendid torch that I have got hold of for a moment before passing to future generations." I, too, do not view my life as a brief candle, although I am burning it at both ends.

萧伯纳曾写过, 他相信生命属于共同体, 越努力就越有活着的感觉, 他想要鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已。 他接着写到, “生命于我而言并非蜡烛般短暂, 而是灿烂的火炬, 我有幸在传给下一代之前 将它握在手里。” 我同样不视生命为短暂的蜡烛, 尽管我两头都在燃烧。

And I do want it, and me, to be thoroughly used up when I die.

我希望我的生命和我, 都能鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已。

But at this point in my life's journey, I am not passing my torch. I am holding it higher than ever, boldly, brilliantly, inviting you to join me in its dangerous light.

但在我人生旅途的这个阶段, 我还未传递我的火炬, 而是把它举得比以往都高, 大胆地、璀璨地, 邀请大家与我一同加入 这 “危险” 之光。



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