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1. We look forward to setting up our business relationship.

2. We shall welcome a chance to renew our friendly relationship.

3. We'll try our best to widen/expand our business relationship with you.

4. The arrangement will contribute to cement our pleasant relationship.

5. It will be advantageous if steps are taken to resume our business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit.


1. We’ve come to know your name and address from the Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in London.

2. By the courtesy of Mr. Black, we are given to understand the name and address of your firm.

3. Your firm has been introduced (recommended, passed on) to us by Maple Company.

4. Concerning our financial position, credit standing and trade reputation, you may refer to Bank of Hong Kong, or to our local Chamber of Commerce or inquiry agencies.


1. Our lines are mainly arts and crafts.

2. We have been in this line of business for more than twenty years.

3. We specialize in the export of Japanese Light Industrial Products and would like to trade with you in this line.


1. Your desire coincides with ours.  

2. This is our common desire.

3. Your desire to establish business relations coincides with ours.

4. I'd appreciate your kind consideration in the coming negotiation.

5. I can assure you of our close cooperation.


Dialogue: First Meeting

Scene: At a trade fair, Mr. Brown seems interested a lot in those products that he has carefully and repeatedly required about. To see if there’ll be possibilities of establishing relationship and further cooperation, he moves on to enquire about the financial status, and Miss Zhang gives answers and also expresses her sincere hope of cooperation.

Mr. Brown: Some of them seem to be of the latest style. Now I have a feeling that we can do a lot of trade in this line. We wish to establish relations with you.


Miss Zhang: Your desire coincides with ours.


Mr. Brown: Concerning our financial position, credit standing and trade reputation, you may refer to Bank of Hong Kong, or to our local Chamber of Commerce or inquiry agencies.


Miss Zhang: Thank you for your information. Establishing business relations between us will be to our mutual benefit. I have no doubt that it will bring about closer ties between us.


Mr. Brown: That sounds interesting. I’ll send a fax home. As soon as I receive a definite answer, I’ll make a specific inquiry.


Miss Zhang: We’ll then make an offer as soon as possible. I hope a lot of business will be conducted between us.


Mr. Brown: So do I.


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